Beth Solano
Beth solano
Basic Information
Occupation Unknown
Family Members Mark Solano, Chloe Solano, Danny Solano,
Mary Parnell
Other Information
Actor Virginia Kull
First Appeared Episode 1
Adapted From Beth Latimer

Beth was Mark Solano's wife and the mother of Danny and Chloe Solano. Her mother was Mary Parnell, who lived down the street and often visited unannounced. She was a young mother, having originally had Chloe when she was only 17 years old. She was a good friend of Ellie Miller, the detective investigating her son's death. (Episode 1)

She went to the supermarket to get some chips following the death of her son, but ended up crying in a heap after accidentally backing her car into a line of trolleys. Paul Coates came up to her to comfort her, and she revealed to him that she was pregnant and didn't want the child. She had only known for two weeks, and hadn't told anyone else. Paul was a close friend of Beth's from when he originally lived in Gracepoint. (Episode 2)