Chloe Solano
Chloe solano
Basic Information
Age 15
Occupation School Student
Family Members Beth Solano,
Mark Solano,
Danny Solano,
Mary Parnell
Other Information
Actor Madalyn Horcher
First Appeared Episode 1
Adapted From Chloe Latimer

Chloe Solano was Mark Solano and Beth Solano's daughter, Danny Solano's sister, and Mary Parnell's granddaughter. Chloe had a boyfriend named Dean Iverson, with whom she left one of Danny's toys at the beach after Danny's death as a gesture of rememberance. However, Owen Burke, local journalist, saw them leaving the toy, allowing him to deduce that it was Danny who died. Chloe later was the first one in her family to realise that the media had found Danny's name due to an alert she'd set on her computer, which sent the family and police into a panic. (Episode 1)

A bag of cocaine was found in Chloe's room, under a floorboard. After being confronted about it by Ellie Miller under threat of telling her parents, she admitted that it had been given to her by Gemma Fisher who she worked for sometimes as a housekeeper at the Crestview Inn. She claimed that she neither used the drug nor dealt it, and knew nothing about the money which had been found in Danny's room at the same time as the cocaine had been found in hers. Gemma expanded on Chloe's story, saying that she had asked Chloe if she could get some coke for some wealthy guests who asked for it, and Chloe said she knew somebody who knew how to get it (Dean). However, she took so long in actually getting the cocaine that the guests had left and so Gemma gave the drug back to her. (Episode 2)