Danny Solano
Basic Information
Age 12
Occupation School Student
Family Members Beth Solano,
Mark Solano,
Chloe Solano,
Mary Parnell
Other Information
Actor Nikolas Filipovic
First Appeared Episode 1
Adapted From Danny Latimer

Daniel "Danny" Solano (June 9, 2001 - February 5, 2014) was the unfortunate victim of the murder case Emmett Carver and Ellie Miller were investigating. He was the son of Mark and Beth Solano, brother to Chloe Solano, and grandson of Mary Parnell. His best friend was Tom Miller. He was 12 years old when he was killed. (Episode 1)

Danny's body was found without his skateboard or his cell phone, although it was known he had both, neither were at his house, and Danny was seen riding his skateboard towards the beach on the night of his death in security footage. (Episode 1) It was later revealed that Susan Wright was in possession of Danny's skateboard, although it was not revealed why. (Episode 2)

A couple of weeks before his death, Danny was reported by Jack Reinhold to have been chatting with a mysterious hiker, however nobody else has been able to identify who this hiker was. (Episode 2)

Danny kept some sort of journal on his computer which the Gracepoint Police Department was able to access from his laptop. It starts off benign; "A mountain of homework.", "Movie night.", but then grows more relevant: "Enough of this. Time to quit.", "Dad's really gonna kill me now.", "Gotta get out of here. Budapest sounded good.", "I think I know what he's doing. What am I doing?" (Episode 2)