Dean Iverson
Dean iverson
Basic Information
Occupation Unknown
Family Members Uncle (unnamed)
Other Information
Actor Kendrick Sampson
First Appeared Episode 1
Adapted From Dean Thomas

Dean Iverson was Chloe Solano's boyfriend. He was with her when she left her brother, Danny Solano's toy on the beach. Owen Burke saw them doing this, which was what made him originally suspect that it was Danny who died. (Episode 1)

Dean knew how to get cocaine, and once got a bag for one of Gemma Fisher's guests which was passed on via Chloe, however it had taken too long as the guests had gone, leaving the drugs with Chloe. When the police discovered the bag in Chloe's room, she told them that she'd gotten it from somebody else, but didn't say it was Dean. This made Dean both worried and angry as he expected the police to come search for him at his house, believing they wouldn't just drop the matter as Chloe seemed to think. Dean said his uncle would kill him if he found out about the cocaine. (Episode 2)