Ellie Miller
Ellie miller
Basic Information
Occupation Detective
Family Members Joe Miller,
Tom Miller,
Owen Burke,
Sara Burke
Other Information
Actor Anna Gunn
First Appeared Episode 1
Adapted From Ellie Miller

Ellie Miller was a detective with the Gracepoint Police Department, and was the happily married wife of Joe Miller and mother of Tom Miller. She was originally offered a promotion, however it instead goes to outsider Emmett Carver, which she found frustrating and soured her working relationship with Carver from the beginning. After the revelation of the death of Danny Solano, her son's best friend, Ellie found it hard to keep an emotional distance from the case. To make matters worse, Danny's death was Ellie's first murder investigation. Her investigation isn't helped by her nephew, Owen Burke, who tried to use her to get more information about the case, using her lack of denial to prove that it was indeed Danny who died, information which he then published despite Ellie's pleas to the contrary. (Episode 1)

Carver tried to insist that Ellie not trust anybody, and that she take an outsider's view of Gracepoint, but she says she can't and won't. Carver comments that if she wasn't going to be objective, she might not be the right fit for the job, to which she retaliates that maybe he is the one who isn't the right fit, assuming everyone's "evil" and grunting when anyone says hello or he's offered food and barks orders at everyone. Ellie insists that most people have a moral compass which stops them from committing murder, to which Carver retorts "compasses break". (Episode 2)