Emmett Carver
Emmett carver
Basic Information
Occupation Detective
Family Members Julianna (age 17)


Other Information
Actor David Tennant
First Appeared Episode 1
Adapted From Alec Hardy

Emmett Carver was the lead investigator on the case of the murder of Danny Solano, working along with Ellie Miller and in fact taking the job that was originally destined for her. He was a city dweller who moved to Gracepoint to "lie low" after problems working a previous case in Rosemount. Renee Clemons covered the case when she was working at the newspaper in Rosemount, and as a result was particularly interested in reporting on the case in Gracepoint after discovering that Carver was on the case again. (Episode 1)

Emmett Carver prefers to go by last names and so refuses to call Ellie Miller "Ellie", preferring to stick with just "Miller". (Episode 1)

Carver suffered from some sort of dizzy spell after making a cup of coffee for himself (and getting told off by Ellie for not making one for her too), requiring him to go into the bathrooms and inject himself with some sort of medicine to recover. He is later seen taking pills in his hotel room. (Episode 2)

Carver got angry at Ellie for being so trusting and reassuring to the people in the town of Gracepoint and told her to act more objectively towards the case, which Ellie refused to do. Ellie then accuses him of being too hard and not sensitive to the fact that a young boy has died. He told Ellie that anyone is capable of murder given the right circumstances, to which she replied that most people have a moral compass. His response: "Compasses break." (Episode 2)

Carver had a photo of a young girl in his wallet, supposedly his daughter. (Episode 2) The photo is of his daughter, as Carver said in episode 5.

Carver dislikes his own first name (Episode 5)


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