Gracepoint is the name of the small seaside town in which most of the series Gracepoint takes place. It was a small coastal town, the only town for 20 miles, with only one road in and out. (Episode 2)

Being next to the beach and some scenic cliffs, and being along a whale migration route, Gracepoint receives a reasonable amount of tourists, most of whom stay in Gemma Fisher's hotel, the Crestview Inn. Major local businesspeople include Mark Solano, the local plumber, Jack Reinhold, who runs the local canoe hire shop as well as the Wildlife Group, Kathy Eaton, the editor of the local paper, the Gracepoint Journal, and Paul Coates, the local priest. After the murder of Danny Solano, the whole town is cast into suspicion, and enters the media spotlight. (Episode 1)

Gracepoint had suffered in the years leading to Danny's death. There had been a recession, bad weather, and half of Main Street was already shut, meaning that despite it being the height of the whale migration season, there were barely any tourists and the bar in Crestview Inn was empty. The murder investigation was only hampering the town's ability to bring in tourists, several of whom had already cancelled their hotel bookings in the days after Danny's death, and the beach had to remain shut while the investigation was conducted. (Episode 2)

According to Owen Burke, there had never been a murder in the town before. (Episode 2)