Harvey Ridge was the place with the house where it was believed Danny Solano was killed. The house itself was owned by Park Services, who rented it out to tourists. Susan Wright cleaned the house and as a result owned a set of keys to the place. (Episode 2)

When investigating the house, a patch of blood was found which was a match for Danny's blood type, leading to Hugo Garcia concluding that it was the scene of Danny's murder. Also, there were kids size 6 sneaker prints all around the area, along with the footprints of all the CSI team and every dog walker that had been past since the previous Thursday. Although it was believed that Danny was killed there, his body had been moved two miles down the coast for no obvious reason. The house had been cleaned from top to bottom, except for one thing; a set of fingerprints beside the sink belonging to Mark Solano. (Episode 2)