Jack Reinhold
Jack reinhold
Basic Information
Age 73
Occupation Owner of a kayak rental shop,
Runs wildlife observation program
Family Members Unnamed son
Other Information
Actor Nick Nolte
First Appeared Episode 1
Adapted From Jack Marshall

Jack Reinhold ran the kayak rental shop on the beach as well as the local Wildlife Group, where Danny Solano was one of his volunteers. (Episode 1)

A couple of weeks, maybe 10 days, before Danny's death, while walking along the cliff path, Jack saw Danny with an unknown hiker, chatting. Danny had seemed much more interested in talking to the hiker than counting whales, according to Jack. Jack didn't remember this until after he had first been questioned by Ellie Miller and Emmett Carver, contacting the Gracepoint Police Department to report his freshly remembered observation. (Episode 2)

Jack was seen at the park, watching the children playing. (Episode 2)

In Episode 5, it is revealed that Jack has been previously charged of statutory rape. However, in the next episode, the truth is revealed: it was consensual, and later they got married and had a child together. Upon the child's passing due to a car accident, their relationship fell apart, and Jack moved to Gracepoint. At age 73, after being falsely reported as a serial pedophile, Jack ends his life to return to his son. (Episode 6)