Kathy Eaton
Kathy eaton
Basic Information
Occupation Editor of the Gracepoint Journal
Family Members Unknown
Other Information
Actor Alisen Down
First Appeared Episode 1
Adapted From Maggie Radcliffe

Kathy Eaton was the editor of the Gracepoint Journal and therefore Owen Burke's boss. She was angry at Owen for publishing Danny Solano's name before the Gracepoint Police Department had allowed, and reassured Emmett Carver that all further reporting on the case would go through her; the Journal worked with the police. (Episode 1)

Kathy started a condolences book for the Solano family which various members of the Gracepoint community signed. (Episode 2)

When Renee Clemons came to the Journal, asking for a desk and printer access, Kathy refused her access, saying that if she gave Renee a desk, she would have to do the same with any other reporters that might come to the town to report on the case, and the Journal was "a busy operation". (Episode 2)