Mark Solano
Mark solano
Basic Information
Occupation Plumber
Family Members Beth Solano,
Chloe Solano,
Danny Solano
Other Information
Actor Michael Pena
First Appeared Episode 1
Adapted From Mark Latimer

Mark Solano was Chloe and Danny Solano's father and the husband of Beth Solano. He was the local plumber in Gracepoint, and had an apprentice, Vince Novik. When first told of the death of his son, he didn't believe it, snd asked to see the body to confirm it was actually Danny. The body was Danny's, and Mark broke down crying, telling his son how much he loved him. (Episode 1)

Mark, unlike his wife, didn't like Paul Coates very much, rarely attending his services. When Paul sent out a message of sympathy and comfort to the town via the TV news, Mark turned the TV off and stormed out of the house, walking all the way to Paul's house where he threatened the priest, telling him to stay away from his family and accusing Paul's god of leaving Danny for dead. (Episode 2)

According to Mark, he was out on a job the night his son died, (Episode 1) however security footage was found of him waiting in a car park for somebody instead. He later changed his story when confronted about it by Emmett Carver to say that he went out with a friend that night, drinking and getting a bite to eat before getting home at 4am, but couldn't name the friend. Carver then gets a call from Ellie at the Harvey Ridge house, saying that it was indeed the place where Danny was murdered, and the only fingerprints they could find were Mark's. (Episode 2)