Mary Parnell
Basic Information
Occupation Retired
Family Members Beth Solano,
Chloe Solano,
Danny Solano,
Mark Solano
Other Information
Actor Linda Darlow
First Appeared Episode 1
Adapted From Liz Roper

Mary Parnell was mother to Beth Solano and grandmother to Chloe and Danny Solano. She lived down the street from the Solano family, and helped support them through the time following Danny's death. She's first seen at the Solano house making pancakes for them, because she wanted some but didn't want to just make them for herself. (Episode 1) Later, when Beth insists on going out to buy chips, Mary offers to go instead, but Beth refuses, telling her mother "stop smothering me". Later, after attending one of Paul Coates' sermons, she walks with him outside the church and tells him that she thinks God brought him back to Gracepoint so he could comfort Beth, even if she doesn't know she needs the comfort yet. (Episode 2)