Owen Burke
Owen burke
Basic Information
Occupation Journalist
Family Members Ellie Miller (aunt)
Sara Burke (mother)
Other Information
Actor Kevin Zeggers
First Appeared Episode 1
Adapted From Olly Stevens

Owen Burke was one of the local reporters for the Gracepoint Journal, working under editor Kathy Eaton. He was the first to publish that it was Danny Solano who was killed, after noticing Chloe Solano and her boyfriend, Dean Iverson, leaving one of Danny's soft toys on the beach and ringing his aunt, Ellie Miller, who was investigating the murder, who couldn't deny his deductions. Ellie told Owen not to publish, but he did it anyway, attracting the attention of San Francisco Globe reporter Renee Clemons. Renee contacted Owen upon arriving in Gracepoint, and he told her that she could get a good rate on a room at the Crestview Inn if she mentioned that she knew him. (Episode 1)

Owen chats further with Renee as he shows her about the town and tells her about it. He also tells Renee that there has never been a murder in Gracepoint before, and he would know as he does the weekly crime column for the Journal. He also expresses ambitions, at Renee's encouragement, to become part of the wider world of journalism as opposed to staying in Gracepoint. (Episode 2)