Raymond Connelly
Raymond connelly
Basic Information
Occupation Telephone Engineer
Family Members Unknown
Other Information
Actor Adam Greydon Reid
First Appeared Episode 1
Adapted From Steve Connelly

Raymond Connelly was a telephone engineer in Gracepoint. He was seen fixing the wiring at Gemma Fisher's hotel, Crestview Inn. (Episode 1) He also worked on the telephones at the Gracepoint Police Department, where he saw images of Danny Solano's bodies lying on one of the desks before Ellie Miller put it away, telling the desk's owner, Sam, to clear his desk. (Episode 2)

Raymond then approaches Ellie and Emmett Carver to tell them that he had a message from Danny: a psychic message saying that his death had something to do with water and that he was put in a boat. This just earned him disbelieving looks from Carver and Ellie, especially Carver who told him about the "groupies" which tend to flock to a murder case to be part of it, and that Raymond was only the first of many. However, Carver did look surprised when Raymond told him "she says she forgives you. About the pendant." (Episode 2)