Renee Clemons
Renee clemons
Basic Information
Occupation Journalist
Family Members Unknown
Other Information
Actor Jessica Lucas
First Appeared Episode 1
Adapted From Karen White

Renee Clemons was a journalist for the San Francisco Globe who came to Gracepoint after hearing about the story of Danny Solano's death. She was particularly interested after hearing that it was Emmett Carver who was leading the case, as she had followed and reported on the case at Rosemount back when she worked there, a case that was also lead by Carver. Upon arriving in Gracepoint, she contacted local journalist and author of the tweet which notified her of the case, Owen Burke. He told her to book a hotel room at the local hotel run by Gemma Fisher, telling her to mention his name to get a good price. Owen also told her about the stuffed toy which had notified him of the identity of the body, so while at the beach Renee picked up the toy and put it in her bag. (Episode 1)

Tensions were high between Renee and Carver after Rosemount, and when Renee went to try and get an interview with Carver over a cup of coffee so he could tell his side of the story, his only reply was "is that a joke?". There were obviously problems between the two based on how they handled that last case. (Episode 2)

Renee approached Owen at the Gracepoint Journal to ask if she could set up in the Journal's offices with a desk and printer access, to which Owen agreed but was then overturned by Kathy Eaton, saying that the Journal was "a busy operation" and that if she gave Renee a desk, she would have to do the same when other journalists started showing up. (Episode 2)

Renee approached Chloe Solano while she was walking home, originally asking to borrow a lighter for her cigarette. After she had caught Chloe's attention, she gave her back Danny's toy, saying that it would have been taken and sold online if it had stayed at the beach. She then asks to borrow Chloe's cell phone, and places her contact details in it under the name "A Friend", saying that she would never call or come to her family's door, but that if they ever needed to talk to somebody, they could contact her. (Episode 2)